Welcome to Technical Treatments Ltd

Established in 1946 our family run business manufactures plastic bottles and containers using food grade materials such as low and high density polyethylene and polypropylene.

From our 24,000 square foot purpose built factory we are able to manufacture and store an extensive selection of bottles and containers. The capacities range from 15ml to 25ltr and are immediately available from stock at very competitive prices.

  • All the bottles are manufactured in polythene (high and low density) or polypropylene with a comprehensive range of caps and closures including plugs, dispensers, taps.
  • Technical Treatments maintains a commitment to use materials and supply products which offer no threat to the environment.
  • The Company welcomes the opportunity to produce quality custom moulded bottles and containers, and enjoys a well earned reputation for quality service and fiercely competitive pricing.
  • The experienced sales staff will advise and assist on all aspects of plastic packaging and can be reached on: Tel: 01732 462656 or Fax: 01732 742602.

For all enquiries please refer to the contact us page.

All our procedures are certified to BS EN ISO APPROVED

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